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Trivoz Fibernet engaged in providing Internet access at Maximized speed within affordable price.

Welcome to Trivoz Fibernet

Trivoz Fibernet is an Internet service provider with ISP License name of Alacriy Net System Service PVT LTD. aiming at providing high quality networking services founded with a vision to redefine the meaning of “Internet Experience”. RDS Net is serving the public by offering value based internet solution, as Internet has become the valuable tool in the hands of all class of people worldwide. We bring quality, satisfaction and more convenience to our end users via our combined efforts and intensive researches over new technologies. RDS Net offers high speed and reliable broadband internet service as well as solutions to business and individual customers via Point to Point and Point to Multi-point with the support of wireless and fiber optic cable,wired, technology.

RDS Net engaged in providing Internet access at Maximized speed within affordable price. RDS Net has next generation technology that enables high speed internet access. It employs special technologies that overcome most of the problems faced by regular internet connections today. High availability is supported with the deployment of a redundant hot standby unit. Acting as a complete redundant system that maintains full availability of connections. And provides an unmatched cost benefit for even the heaviest internet users.

RDS Net 's vision is to revolutionize broadband services in cities & rural India by providing internet service with dedicated network, for most amazing internet experience to our Home & Enterprise consumers so much more in their daily lives within their budget , thereby bringing them unprecedented advantage and joy, ultimately resulting in their success.

Today, RDS Net adds a new dimension to broadband, providing high-speed Internet service that covers many people across area. And with its capacity-rich broadband services, RDS Net aims to provide a new level of Internet service in Cities, dense Urban and Rural Areas where it's needed most.

While speed is important, capacity is what really matters. RDS Net resources allow it to handle the high demand for many megabytes of data to customer and RDS Net knows customers’ needs.

Alacriy Net System Service PVT LTD is one of the RDS group of company.

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